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Ultrasound Technologist - Memphis, TN

Full-Time Contract Position

Certified by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARMDS). Coverage to be provided is for two shifts and on-call services. Contract employees must be within a 30-minute radius of client facility to perform urgent/emergency ultrasound procedures. Upon request for the ultrasound technologist services, the contractor will also be provided with the term of services required.

Qualifications/Educational Requirements:
  1. Independently performs standard examinations. Evaluates the nature of critical and emergency procedures, and rearranges patients scheduled to accommodate them. Maintains records and image files of patients examined. Cross-indexes interesting cases for teaching purposes.
    Performs studies of the liver, gallbladder, pelvis, spleen, pancreas, abdominal aorta, using real time techniques to evaluate the structures for size, abnormal contour, cysts and various pathologic
    Performs Doppler examinations of the portal vein, IVC, scrotum and kidneys. Effectively uses Doppler to supplement the examinations of other organs when needed.
    Performs vascular studies of the extremities upper and lower (venous).
    Must independently perform abdominal, visceral and peripheral ultrasound scans, peripheral and deep; scrotal and thyroid ultrasound. It is essential that these scans be of the highest diagnostic quality for the anatomical part or blood vessel being imaged, for the use and interpretation by the radiology medical staff. These scans are produced with the knowledge and ability to use the symmetrical phased array, linear array and convex linear array technology transducers.
    Performs studies of the kidneys, adrenal glands, nodes and urinary bladder using real time Gray scale techniques to perform examinations for detection of renal cysts and tumors, adrenal masses, lymph node enlargement, retro peritoneal hematomas, abscesses and abnormalities of the urinary bladder.
    Performs transvaginal ultrasounds to evaluate structures for abnormal contour, cysts and various pathological disorders
    Independently performs diagnostic ultrasound examinations and is responsible for following established standard ultrasound examination routines and complete worksheets.
    Confers with radiology medical staff to establish nonstandard examinations to determine technical factors, positioning level of ultrasonic images, etc. to satisfy requirements in non-standard examinations.
    In consultation with the Radiologist determines appropriateness of ultrasound requests and if other modality, such as CT, might yield better diagnostic results. Does require QA and cleaning of ultrasound equipment.
    Enters specific patient data into a computer via the digital keyboard and retrieves patient information from the computer to complete the statistical input. This requires registering the patient and editing examinations in the hospital computer system, technically dispositioning the procedure and transferring ultrasound images to the correct procedure file.
    Maintains required supplies in the work area in a neat and orderly manner. Assures that sterile supplies, contrast material, catheters and other required supplies are adequate and in date.
    Monitors Ultrasound equipment for proper operation, makes minor adjustments and reports malfunctions to supervisor and/or Biomedical Engineer.
    Maintains competency level to perform the requirements of this position and to keep abreast of new developments in the health care field. This is acquired through on the job experience, educational courses, tapes and literature.
    Job Type: Full-time



 1.  Resume

2.  Certified by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARMDS).

3.  Must be within a 30-minute radius of client facility .


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Family Nurse Practitioner - North Dakota

You will focus on providing high quality patient care as part of a healthcare team. MUST BE A FAMILY NURSE PRACTITIONER Licensed in North Dakota or willing to get licensed in ND to work in or near a tribal community. The Nurse Practitioner - Speciality in collaboration with a physician, provides for the expansion of individualized primary healthcare services by diagnosing and treating certain acute or chronic health conditions.

Qualifications/Educational Requirements:

1. MUST BE A FAMILY NURSE PRACTITIONER Licensed in North Dakota or willing to obtain licensed in ND to work in near or in a tribal community

2. State of North Dakota Board of Nursing Nurse Practitioner License required. Licensure/certification monitored by health ministry Central Credentialing Office.

3. Current Registered Nurse (RN) licensure with the State of North Dakota will be required. Licensure/certification monitored by health ministry Central Credentialing Office.

4. Excellent organization, interpersonal, oral and communication skills.

Responsibilities/essential functions:

1. Obtains patient history and performs assessment via observation, interview and examination. Orders, performs and interprets diagnostic studies. Performs preventative health assessments, screening, immunizations and patient care.

2. Provides direct treatment and management of health conditions via prescriptive authority or referral to other healthcare providers or community resources.

3. Counsels and educates patients and their families/caregivers concerning preventative health, treatment options and community resources.

4. Documents delivery of health care and nursing processes in accordance with specific specialty area standards and network nursing policy

5. Work under the direction of DON.

6. Monitor reactions and client progress using observation, assessment, and evaluation skills.

7. Responds to emergencies and to changes in condition of assigned patients

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Software Support Engineer Entry Level - Atlanta, GA

A fast growing software solution provider is looking for one or more entry-to-mid level technical support specialists.

This is not only a new job for you, but more of an exciting opportunity to grow together in the Atlanta, GA area office! You will get experience in leading industry digital technologies, engage with large organizations and enterprises, and occasionally travel nationwide for some onsite configuration or client training.

Generally speaking, for technical support, you don't need to be a programmer, but if you have experience in programming, like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, that'd be a plus for sure.

Please take a minute to check if you fit our requirements before applying for this position.

Qualifications/Educational Requirements:

Answer technical questions and provide customer support to trouble shoot software/hardware/Windows issues
Provide software training to partners
Other assigned tasks

Required experience:

    Exceptional writing and communication skills
   Excellent Customer Service skills and ability to speak to clientele with an utmost level of professionalism and confidence.
   Knowledgeable of PC hardware, Windows OS, Windows Domain, Windows network, file sharing, large format commercial displays, AV      equipment (video extenders), etc.
   Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP or ASP or other advanced programming languages
   Ability to work independently and efficiently with minimal supervision
   On time, reliable and detail-oriented
   Excellent record keeping and organizational skills with attention to details
   1-3 years IT support experience (if new graduates, please major in CS/IT/EE)
    Work full-time in Atlanta, GA Area


Salary: $30,000.00 to $50,000.00 /year

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