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Finding Ideal Candidates

Here’s how we ensure that every candidate we place is the right person for your company and your position:

SEEC Recruiting, LLC gets to know your company’s requirements and culture. Our dedicated team of recruiters meets with your hiring managers and business leaders to learn more about your unique environment and tailor our search to the professionals that fit your company best.

Customized hiring profile: We develop a hiring profile for your specific needs, culture, and long-term goals and make sure that the candidates we reach out to match that profile.

Comprehensive sourcing network: Using our vast network of recruiters, strategic partnerships with business leaders, and established relationships with top professionals, we identify all viable candidates that match your hiring profile, including passive candidates who are currently working and even employees of your competition.

Telephone pre-screen: We converse with each applicant and get a solid understanding of the applicant’s skills, experience, education, training, and availability.

Candidate behavioral interviews: We assess important work habits, like decision-making, professionalism, and communication skills. We also verify resume information at this time.

In-person client interview: You will be able to meet with the best of the best, saving you valuable time and effort associated with weeding through endless resumes and conversing with unqualified applicants.

Reference checks: All candidates must receive positive references from recent employers. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.



Looking for talent?
In order to fulfill your business goals, you need to fill your workforce with the right talent. Unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done. But not when you work with SEEC Recruiting, LLC. We maintain an extensive pool of pre-qualified, pre-screened talent, allowing us to fill your critical positions with the right candidate possessing the right skills and experience – right away.

In addition, the recruiters in our nationwide network of offices know their local job markets inside and out – and they know where to look for the best talent in your area and around the country.

Our staffing services are also flexible so you can pick the one that works for your timeframe and your budget.

The solutions we offer include:



Let SEEC Recruiting, LLC connect your company with great STEM professionals. Contact us to learn more about our STEM recruiting services.

Professionals with expertise in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) can make an extraordinary difference with your company. That’s why SEEC Recruiting, LLC will take a distinctive approach to sourcing, recruiting and placing professionals with these unique beneficial talents. 

Hire on your terms.  Our STEM recruitment services are completely flexible, allowing you to hire the professionals you need when you need them. These services include:

Contract: Our part-time or contract workers can support your company’s talent requirements for a pre-determined amount of time, allowing you to add talent quickly, scale up or down according to your workload, and gain access to highly specialized skill sets that you might not be able to afford on a full-time basis.

Contract to hire: If you have a long-term need but can’t make a long-term commitment, this is your solution. If one of our contractors ends up being a perfect fit for your organization, you have the option to hire them as a full-time employee.

Direct hire: When we recruit for direct-hire placements, we focus both on skill set and on cultural fit. You need an employee who will stay with your organization long term, and we know how to find that person for you.

Independent contractor classification services: The distinction between employee and independent contractor can be hazy, and misclassification can have serious consequences. Our 1099 evaluation program deploys a highly experienced team, including legal, human resources, operational, and tax professionals, to ensure your organization is fully compliant and protected.


Adding a full-time employee can be a full-time job. You have to take the time to write job descriptions and interview candidates, spend the money on interviewing and advertising, and delegate resources to onboarding and training. Add up all of that time, money, and energy and the costs of recruiting can be exorbitant – all without the guarantee of finding a suitable candidate.

SEEC Recruiting, LLC’s direct-hire team takes all of these costs and headaches off your shoulders, and we do it all with a direct placement guarantee that ensures your satisfaction.

What are the advantages of SEEC Recruiting LLC’s permanent placement program?

Our dedicated direct-placement recruiters have an average of 10 years’ experience and specialization in their specific skill set or industry. As a result, our direct-hire team has a proven track record of filling our client’s most challenging positions quickly, across all industries, and throughout the country.

SEEC Recruiting, LLC connect our clients to high-quality professionals. Additionally, we have recruiters focused on executive-level placements ($100K+ salaries). This group complements our contingency search business by providing our clients with access to senior managers, directors, and vice presidents.

Temporary staffing services:

Whether you have a vital project, are experiencing high turnover, or just need to be prepared for your busy season, our temporary staffing services can give you the talent your company requires to get the job done.

We pride ourselves on a very comprehensive talent sourcing and vetting process. In order to uphold that standard, SEEC Recruiting, LLC provides several screening services to you at no additional cost. These include:

Personal interviews

Skills and aptitude testing

Employer reference check

E-Verify (social security and employment eligibility verification)

Upon request, we can also perform drug checks and background screens.

Temp-to-hire staffing services:

When you require long-term talent but aren't ready to add to your long-term budget, our temp-to-hire staffing solutions provide the best of both worlds. You get to see our associates in action and ensure they have the right skills and character traits for your job and your culture before extending a full-time offer. And when you do hire these talented associates, you won’t have to worry about getting them up to speed.

We also set clear expectations with our candidates by communicating which positions may transition to permanent opportunities down the road. This enables us to match the appropriate candidate to the right assignment.

Direct-placement staffing services:

SEEC Recruiting, LLC’s dedicated direct-placement team can connect your company to the best permanent talent and help protect you from the high cost of a bad hire.

Payrolling services

Our payrolling services save our clients the time and expense associated with onboarding and offboarding personnel. We just need to know pay rates, schedules, and work hours, and we’ll be able to do the rest, including conducting all pre-employment requirements, time tracking, issuing paychecks, and more.

We Are Technical Professionals

An essential benefit to working with SEEC Recruiting LLC is that we have worked in the high tech fields that we now place for. We understand the intricacies of what companies are looking for because we have plenty of first-hand experience in the industry. We bring this background and our 19 years of knowledge to the recruiting field to help match the right people with the appropriate positions. If you are interested in using our services, please sign up or email us to fill out our preliminary informational page.